Gold or Silver Jewelry : Which to choose ?

Gold or Silver Jewelry : Which to choose ?

Gold or Silver Jewelry - Which to Choose ?

Gold Jewelry or Silver Jewelry: What a dilemma ! We have solutions for you: Let’s take a look at the different factors that should help figure it out according to stylist Emma Verietti.  The perfect guide for any occasion whether a graduation, wedding or any big or small event.

Your Outfit and Type of Jewelry

Before looking at gold vs. silver jewelry, take in consideration the type of jewelry pieces you are planning to wear and the type of outfit you are wearing it with. For example, a large gold statements necklace would be perfect with a simple black dress but the same necklace might be too tacky paired with in more elaborate or colorful dress. The general rule of thumb is to have one focal point to your outfit and to stick to it. Wearing too many bold jewelry pieces or pairing a single bold piece to a statement dress would be a no-no.

The Drama Factor

Gold pieces bring the luxury, upscale elegance, and drama to an outfit. Silver toned or white gold jewelry are more subdued and understated in terms of overall fashion statement. So decide on the level of drama you want to create based on the type of evening you are attending, and on how noticed you want to be (or not be!).

Are you Warm or Cool?

In order to choose the perfect jewelry piece, you need to assess the dominant color palette of your outfit. Gold jewelry works best with warm tones such as browns, oranges and yellows. Silver jewelry is more appropriate with a dominantly cool palette such as pinks, blues, and greens. To get a good idea of your dominance color palette, look at the color of your outfit, as well as your own physical appearance. Mediterranean, darker skinned, tanned and olive skinned girls have a naturally warm palette through their physical appearance and therefore should prefer gold jewelry instead of silver. In the same token, paler skin tones, with cool toned eyes and paler hair are best paired with silver or white gold jewelry. But keep in mind these are just general rules of thumb.

With Black and White Everything Goes!

Now that we talked about colors, let’s talk about black and white to which these rules do not apply. For black and white outfits, everything goes.

Why Not Both?

One of the latest hot trends in jewelry is to actually mix-and-match gold and silver pieces. Mixing and matching different types of bangles and bracelets some of them gold, some white gold, or even rose gold is a hot trend right now seen on many celebrities. Many jewelry designers are hopping on board this trend and producing jewelry pieces that contain both gold and silver elements. So you get the best of both world plus an original style. So next time you’ve really unsure of what to do why not to both? This way you’re sure to be right!

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      Sep 10, 2014

      Moi j'adore les bijoux couleur or. Je suis définitivement une fille en or !

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        Sep 16, 2014

        Me too ! I just love gold jewelry. And honestly I found heaven in this website.

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