How To Clean and Care For My Gold Plated Jewelry


Gold plated and rhodium plated jewelry are indistinguishable from solid gold and with the GOLDFOR10.COM prices, we allow you to play with a range of amazing and trendy looks without the very expensive hit to your wallet. We want you to enjoy your gold-plated and rhodium plated pieces as much as possible. So here are a few tips to clean and care for your jewelry and ensure it keeps its luster and shine.

1) Try to avoid wearing your gold plated jewelry when you go to the pool and preferably take them off before showering or bathing (Daily heat and humidity as well as chlorine are best to be avoided over time). Also, take your jewelry off before exposing them to harsh chemicals such as when cleaning.

2) Store your jewelry in a humidity free environment. Try to avoid the bathroom as a storage option.

3) To avoid scratches and tarnishing, store your pieces separately, preferably in small sealed plastic bags or in different compartments of your jewelry box.

4) To clean, buff gently with a soft and clean microfiber cloth.  Avoid using chemicals, soaps and harsh cleaning products.