Your frequently asked questions answered

Q: What is gold plated jewelry ?

Answer: Gold plated jewelry is completely covered with a layer of genuine gold as opposed to solid gold which is composed entirely of genuine gold.  Since our pieces are covered in genuine gold, they look exactly like their solid gold counterparts.  They also feel the same since the surface in contact with your skin is actual gold.

With jewelry from GOLDFOR10 you get the look and feel of solid gold jewelry only for $10 !  Comparatively, solid gold jewelry, depending on its weight in gold, retails in the hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.

We want to offer you jewlery that you can wear and have everyone around you wonder: Did she get a raise ? 


Q: I have allergies and rashes when I wear costume jewelry, can I wear gold plated pieces ?

Answer: Since the surface covering a gold plated piece of jewelry is composed of actual gold,  the material in contact with your skin is a layer of genuine gold.  For anyone that suffers from rashes or irritation to jewelry other than gold or silver, this means that gold plated or rhodium plated jewelry is actually an option that will not cause irritations.  

Gold plated jewelry is actually a great option for anyone that suffers from sensitive skin.  And at GOLDFOR10, it's a great option for your wallet too !


Q: I just pieced my ears and they are still sensitive, how do I proceed ?

Answer: Congratulations ! Whether this is your first time or you've have other piercings before, it is very important to properly take care of your newly pierced ears as they are particularly sensitive to infection immediately after they have been pierced. 

Here are a few tips to ensure that your ears heal properly so you can adorn them for years to come.

Don't remove your starter earrings until your earrings are fully healed.  This might take up to 6-8 weeks.  If you are too eager, your piercing might close or you might get an irritation from changing to another pair of earrings.  Be sure to rotate them 2-4 times a day.

Don't touch your ears unecessarily.  Or of you do or have to, like for example to rotate your earrings, makes sure to wash your hands with soap and water or use an antibacterial product.  This is essential in germ and infection prevention.  Also, try to avoid wearing any garment such as hats and scarves.

 Avoid the use of chemicals whenever possible.  Chemicals found in shampoos, conditionners and hair products can irritate your new piercing, cause irritation and delay the healing process.  Ensure to limit the exposure of chemicals to that area.



Q: I'm not sure what is my ring size.  How do I find out ?

Well guess what ? The perfect way is actually to use an existing ring to know your ring size.  But fingers change over time and with weight fluctuations, so be sure to see if your ring size is current.  You can also estimate it using online ring sizers but these might not be the most accurate.  Nevertheless, they provide an excellent starting point. 


Q: I would like to get my friend a gift.  Any suggestions on what to select ?

Answer:  Picking a gift for a friend can be a difficult task ! Here are some suggestions:

Try to avoid getting a ring.  Ring sizes are difficult to evaluate just by looking at someone's fingers so unless you know for sure your friend's ring size, you are probably better off with a pendant, a bracelet or some earrings.

Check our product reviews.  Existing clients that already purchased some products might have something interesting to say about them that might give you some insight on whether your friend would like the piece or not.

Examine your friend's style and preferences.  Does she prefer gold or silver colors ?  Is she the trendy type or more of the romantic type ?  By taking in the clues of your friend's style and preferences, existing pieces of jewelry you will be that much closer to picking something she will absolutely love.

Want to surprise her ?  We can have your friend's gift delivered straight to her home or place of work.  Be sure to specify that it is a gift at checkout.  You can enter many addresses in your account, you can chose the delivery address as your friend's address and the billing address as your own.