How To Determine Your Ring Size

So you're looking at the perfect ring through a computer screen.  The problem is: How do you know your ring size ? 

The best way to know your ring size is through an existing ring that you know the size of says Marjorie Fincher, a leading Canadian gemologist.  But if you really have no idea, here is the standard ring size chart for the U.S. and Canada. 

Taking Your Measurement

Taking your mesurement is easier than you think and for a relatively small investment in time, you get a pretty accurate result. All you need is to take a piece of thread or thin strip of rectangular paper and take the measurement around your finger.  Once marked, you can take the measure with a ruler.  Make sure to take into consideration your knucles as often fingers are slightly thinner at their base than they are around the knuckle. 

It is also important to note that although manufacturers follow this size guide, there might be small variations that might affect the fit.